Who We Are

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About Miranda Bouldin

Miranda Bouldin founded Inspire & Achieve as a public charity in May 2012 with the mission of providing scholarships and educational resources to deserving high school graduates. As President and CEO of LogiCore Corporation, her passion to assist students began in 2006 with the desire to support education by easing financial barriers for talented youth desiring to achieve educational excellence. By providing students with an opportunity to competitively address important topics via essays referencing current affairs relative to the current business environments, varying perspectives would prove beneficial to future initiatives and evolving trends.

Miranda has shared her leadership skills in elementary, middle and high schools, community sponsored events, held resume building workshops, financial literacy training programs, provided internships and co-op opportunities and continues to focus on youth leadership, mentorship, and holistic development.


Our Mission

Our mission is to Nurture, Promote Leadership & Encourage young people through scholarship, grants, real world experiences, education, knowledge, and directed training focused on holistic development of personal and educational growth.


Our Vision

Inspire & Achieve, a nonprofit organization founded in May 2012, is based upon the conviction that an educated citizenry is essential to a healthy society. Our vision is to ensure higher education continues to be a catalyst for positive change and a force that can transform the lives of individuals and families while advancing the economic and civic health of societies.

In pursuit of this vision, Inspire & Achieve provides access to postsecondary education for high school graduates in the local community to supplement and fulfill their educational goals.

  • Inspire & Achieve furnishes direct financial support to graduating high school students for postsecondary education.
  • It provides information that students and families need to make financially sound educational choices.
  • To those who share its vision, Inspire & Achieve offers opportunities to participate in its realization through financial and in-kind support and volunteerism.
  • Inspire & Achieve contributes to enlightened public policy through advocacy for its vision of postsecondary educational opportunity without financial barriers.
  • Inspire & Achieve helps lead a collaborative network of community and educational partners dedicated to ensuring that students are prepared for postsecondary education and supported as they persist in their studies and earn their degrees.